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PSG Sporting Director Henrique has summoned Thiago Motta to a disciplinary meeting

Le Parisien report that PSG Sporting Director Antero Henrique has summoned U19s coach Thiago Motta to a disciplinary meeting to occur today, with the idea being to possibly financially sanction for giving an unauthorised interview to RMC at the end of March, in a move that appear set to consummate the divorce between club and ex-player.

Only issue is that Thiago Motta does not know yet if he intends to turn up for the moment. Motta is alleged to have broken his contract by giving an interview that was not authorised by the club, a clause that exists in all player and coaching staff contracts at the Paris outfit. But this interview, already 6 weeks ago, did not provoke any immediate reaction from PSG and Motta did not say a single thing criticising the club in the contents of it. All that he said is that he wanted to become the club’s manager when Thomas Tuchel was no longer there.

Coincidence or not, this email was sent by Antero Henrique to Motta the day after two articles appeared in Le Parisien and L’Équipe which detailed the poor relationship between the duo. The former outlet claims that Motta is even considering quitting his post 12 months before his contract ends.

Thiago Motta’s agent Alessandro Canovi reacted to the series of events:

“This summons is going to be given the just importance that it deserves. We will decided a the last moment whether or not Thiago responds positively to it. Next, it is very difficult to see how a relationship can evolve with Antero Henrique at this club.”

A rather elegant way of saying that the Motta x Henrique relationship is bruised, potentially beyond repair. Whilst Motta’s 1st season as the U19s coach was far from perfect, Henrique’s unnecessarily bruising tactics are somewhat overshadowing them…


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