Qatar considering PSG exit

Le Parisien report in this morning’s newspaper that the Emir of Qatar is considering an exit from Ligue 1 side PSG after the 2022 World Cup.

Tamin bin Hamad al-Thani is apparently more and more concerned by the heavy criticism of his country in France owing to his status as owner of PSG. On top of that, the footballing results in Europe are not improving for the capital club. Qatar feel that French football is not grateful enough towards them and how their investment into PSG has served all French clubs for example during the latest renegotiation of TV rights.

The regular criticisms made by Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas about Qatari investment has supposedly not been well-received in the Middle Eastern country. Another source of Qatari annoyance is the lack of credit they believe they are receiving for the amount of taxes they pay in France – they are believed to have contributed €1bn to this effect since their arrival at PSG in 2011.

This myriad of factors has led to QSI considering a scale-back in investment into PSG and a medium-term exit, per the French newspaper. As stated by geopolitical experts since the report came out, a scale back is quasi-impossible until after the 2022 World Cup.

Le Parisien also reported that the Qatar Sports Investments are in negotiations to purchase AS Roma, a claim that has been denied by AS Roma President James Pallotta speaking to AS Roma Press:

“Qatar Sports Investments want to acquire Roma? There is nothing to it. This is fake.” 


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