Romelu Lukaku: “At training we are constantly saying Paul looks so happy.

Speaking in an interview with Canal Football Club, Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku discussed the atmosphere inside the team at the moment.

“Everyone is more positive. Everyone is smiling more. And now we have to continue like this. And enjoy.”

On Paul Pogba:

At training we are constantly saying Paul looks so happy and then he laughs. Everyone is back to their level, Paul, Marcus, me when I get playing time I try and make as big an impact as possible, Anthony, everyone. This competitive spirit is coming back out of each player, it has already started in training when we play small-sided matches, 6 vs 6, 8 vs 8, you can see it the players want to prove themselves to the manager. They want to take their opportunity and during matches we know that each player knows that the most important thing is the team and we know that it is that attitude that will take us to the top.


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