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Samir Nasri offers his version of events on the Drip Doctors scandal

Speaking as part of a L’Équipe documentary which aired last night, West Ham United’s French attacking midfielder Samir Nasri looked back on the Drip Doctors scandal which led to him being banned by anti-doping agency WADA from football for a year.

“I was on holiday with my family. I became ill, I had a virus. I did not leave my rooms, I was suffering from vomiting, big headaches, I was empty. I called a friend and told him to find me a doctor. He couldn’t. He said to me: “there is a clinic, it will re-boost you”. Especially as I was going back to Sevilla in two days time.”

“I said ok. I didn’t know the rules. And that by the way, should serve as a lesson to all young players, to properly read the anti-doping rules, to really pay attention because everything can go in a completely different direction. To be honest, I did not think that anything would come of it. This woman came to give me a drip of vitamins. She asked for a photo, I said yes, for me I hadn’t done anything wrong. I was of the view that this was not a doping product, it was fine. Can I promise that I have never doped? Yes, I have handed over the files, there was no doping product in it.”



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