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Lamine Koné doesn’t want a Boxing Day in Ligue 1: “I have always known the winter break in France.”

Speaking in an interview with France Football, Sunderland loanee and current Strasbourg central defender Lamine Koné was asked about his opinion on the potential of ridding of the winter break in the French game in favour of Boxing Day style calendar football.

“No, that does not interest me. In France, I have always known the classic winter break. In England, in another context and another culture, I had to adapt, and at the time, discovering it was enjoyable. But here, I would prefer to have a break. Why? So that people can concentrate on the holidays at the end of the year. For me, I do not celebrate those holidays but I think that for those who do it is important. Up until now, we have always kicked things back off at the beginning of January and it has always worked like that. Why change?”



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