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The fan that Neymar hit insists that he did not insult the Brazilian

During the climb in the Stade de France stands to receive their runners-up medals, the PSG squad were insulted by a Rennes fan named Edouard, who ended up receiving a punch from Brazilian forward Neymar.

On a video seen by L’Équipe, this fan calls Gianluigi Buffon a “dirty idiot,” Layvin Kurzawa “don’t shake my hand please,” and Marco Verratti a “racist”. Then, he says to Neymar: “Go learn how to play football.” Following these words, the Brazilian turns around, lowers Edouard’s phone and smacks him.

The fan in question told L’Équipe his version of events: “I did not insult him, I told him that they were bad, that is the game… When the players came, Verratti, Buffon, I said to them: “You are bad, go Rennes!”

Two versions of events that do not match-up…

RMC report that this 28-year-old delivery driver, originally from Nantes, is a friend of one of the Rennes players. Upon exiting the Stade de France last night, he intended to go to a police station to file a legal complaint against Neymar for hitting him: “All of the PSG security came to me to say that we were going to sort it all out. At that point, I was trembling and my nose was bleeding. I was due to return by car to Nantes but I think I will have to spend the night here.”


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