The other Kylian Mbappé… an 11-year-old prospect already approached by PSG

As one Kylian Mbappé prepares to lead injury-stricken PSG into their first Champions’ League knock-out clash of the 2018/19 campaign, another will probably be watching at home, or already be in bed.

The other Kylian Mbappé is 11 and plays his football at Roissy-en-Brie, the same town that Paul Pogba grew up in.

Eric Mbappé, the young teenagers father, spoke to Le Parisien about this funny occurence:

“I have often been asked if I did it on purpose to call my son what his name is… People quickly forget that there is only an 8-year age difference between the two and so obviously he was not a footballer when my son was born…”

Kylian junior added: “Since the other one became big, I have got used to it. I don’t even pay attention to it even if it generally makes me feel good. I am a PSG fan, I would like to have the same career as him.”

The 11-year-old plays as an attacking midfielder and scored four goals last weekend in two matches in the Seine-et-Marne Cup.

Eric says he is not putting any pressure on his son: “He will do what he wants and we will not push him at all costs to become a professional footballer. If it is the case that he goes to PSG, who have approached us, we would of course become closer to the other Kylian. When he grew in stature, we were delighted to see that he is a good boy, simple and naturally. My one never complains. From the moment he is playing football, he is happy. It is only I who makes comments to him when he messes certain things up. He doesn’t like that very much…”


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