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Thiago Motta nearing exit as PSG’s U19s coach

Le Parisien and L’Équipe report that newly appointed U19’s coach Thiago Motta is set to seek to leave the club this summer, 12 months before his current deal ends, owing to a number of frustrations that he has with the PSG board.

The main source of conflict is between Motta’s desires and the current reality with the U19s concerns the board’s attitude to youth teams, seemingly shuffling players around to play for the U19s one week, the Reserves another and the U17s the next. Motta, formerly of the Barcelona youth academy, views this as incoherent and unhelpful for the development of PSG youth prospects, who lack the chance to form a genuine squad and team bond with a specific category of players.

Although Motta’s personal situation currently remains unclear, it is not because he has been a necessarily poor coach. The PSG U19s sit 2nd in their league, had a decent enough time of it in the UEFA Youth League group stage, but were knocked out of the 1st round of the Coupe Gambardella. Although the results have therefore been mixed, Motta has pulled them off with a very young team of mainly 17-year-olds.

The other thing that the 36-year-old is frustrated with is a lack of contact with the PSG board – he had just one meeting with PSG Sporting Director Antero Henrique this season, it came in December and has heard nothing since. He feels he can contribute to transfer decisions for this age category and is frustrated with the lack of input he is seemingly allowed to have.

Motta’s agent, Alessandro Canovi, confirmed that the situation was difficult between PSG and the former midfielder: “The situation is difficult for Thiago, but I do not want to comment further.”

Thiago Motta is increasingly considering leaving this summer, taking 12 months out of the game to obtain his UEFA Pro Licence required to manage a professional team in peace and away from the PSG soap opera…


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