Thiago Silva talks about pressure on Thomas Tuchel: “He is very intelligent.”

Speaking in an interview with RMC, 34-year-old PSG central defender Thiago Silva discussed the future and pressure on manager Thomas Tuchel.

“We know that in football, only results count. If you do good work and you do not get the results, the criticism will come. We are used to it. Even our coach, who is very intelligent, has understood the situation well. We are working well but there are other teams with the same aim. After Manchester, people criticised our coaching staff a lot, especially our head coach. He did all the preparation, gave us all the information but after that, it is us, the players, who need to be in place. If we play badly in a match, that is our fault. Of course the coach is there too, but at 80% or 90%, it is up to us to do the work. Sometimes the criticisms are personal, and that, that is not good. If it is to do with the playing style or the system, even if we do not agree, we could listen. The coach is intelligent, he speaks to us about this a lot. He asks us to remain concentrated on our play.”

“He understands everything. He speaks very good French. Papus (Camara) also translates sometimes. When the coach is not sure, he starts to speak English because he feels more comfortable doing that. Everyone understands him very well. If things aren’t working well, then a team has figured out how to neutralise our playing style, like Rennes did. They played deep, tried to play on the counter. They entered our penalty box two or three times and scored two goals. It is inexplicable but the Rennes guys played the match they needed to play. They deserved to win. We have to accept this defeat and work more to come back.”


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