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Thomas Tuchel defends Neymar after Brazilian’s expressive Instagram post

Speaking to reporters following PSG’s shock 3-1 defeat to Manchester United last night, manager Thomas Tuchel sought to defend superstar Neymar after the Brazilian posted an expressive Instagram rant about the decision to award a penalty against PSG late on following VAR review.

“Sometimes, when you feel you have been in a big fight, you use certain words… You react in a certain way and you come back on your words several hours later. You see to what extent he is emotional and how he is living every moment with us and to what extent he wanted to help and come back. He came today. He has curled his toes for every match we have played without him. So don’t be too hard with him. It is, as I said, difficult for all of us to accept this, but especially for those who couldn’t play and therefore couldn’t do anything. I will not be interpreting anything else from the words he wrote in the heat of the moment. It was done quickly on a smartphone.”


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