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Thomas Tuchel: “I never had the impression that Manchester United wanted to win here.”

Speaking to RMC Sport following PSG’s shock elimination from the Champions’ League at the hands of Manchester United last night, German tactician Thomas Tuchel had the following to say.

“We gave them two presents… at this level. After the second goal, we controlled the match, we played with a lot of quality. We react well to the first goal we gave them. We had a lot of chances but we did not score the second, or the third. Aside from that, with not even a chance, with not even anything they get a second goal. Then, in our heads, we felt that everyone was saying: “What is going on, they are losing and are doing nothing?!” But we controlled it afterwards…”

“The second goal turned the match completely in our heads. In the second half, they didn’t have a single chance. I have the same feeling now as I did after our defeat to Guingamp in the Coupe de la Ligue, it was impossible to lose and we lost with 3 penalties. Today, I never had the impression that Manchester United wanted to win here. We lost but we controlled the whole game. They won, congratulations to them, but I have no explanation as to how they won.”

“I am in favour of VAR, it is good, but I feel that the shot was not on target and if it was not on target, it makes no sense to give a penalty. The rules surrounding the hand are always difficult to explain… The rules are not clear. It was not a shot on target and that makes it a penalty… Ok…”


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