Verbal boxing match between Thomas Tuchel & Noël Le Graët continues

The ongoing verbal boxing match between PSG manager Thomas Tuchel and French Football Federation President Noël Le Graët continued last night.

“Paris are all alone. You cannot play in France and not, from time to time, follow what the FFF and LFP decided. I advise him to first form a team that will go past the last 16 of the Champions’ League.”

In yesterday’s press conference, Tuchel responded to Le Graët’s implication, calling him “unprofessional”.

“I am not surprised that the Federation has this sort of behaviour towards me, my staff or my club,” the German added.

Speaking to RMC, FFF chief Le Graët snapped back:

“The French Football Federation is very professional, he can come to see us whenever he wants to. If he had come to the meeting this (Friday) evening, he would have seen that we work in an effective way with motivated people. He took what I said badly, I don’t really understand why, I am happy that he is here. I think that they can do better, that is my opinion, I must be wrong. If everyone thinks that the current situation is perfect, then so do I. I have seen some exceptional matches in the Champions’ League this week, Ajax, Liverpool, you have seen the semi-finals. So football exists across Europe and I would like PSG to be a bit higher, like everyone else. This is not a criticism, on the contrary. When a club with their capabilities they should have greater ambition and a stronger balance in their teams.”

“What annoys me is that France is a great country, and a club like PSG should have half of the French national team in their squad. The French national team should be the Parisian backbone… Look at Bayern, they have the backbone of the national team. Do the tour of Europe, all of the leaders have half of their national team… There are talented players in France and in our national team and I would like them to be at PSG.”

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