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Véronique Rabiot denies extension talks with PSG: “There is no discussion with Leonardo.”

Speaking on RTL, the mother and agent of French international midfielder Adrien Rabiot denied reports claiming that she had been in talks with PSG about a contract extension, as her son moves closer to a move to Juventus on a free transfer.

“I am reading absolute nonsense, that Adrien was due to meet with Leonardo (PSG Sporting Director) and that he did not turn up. Or that we had received a contract extension offer from Leonardo that I was supposed to have rejected in order to get a better eventual deal. This is absolutely false. There is not any discussion between Leonardo and me.”

“I have had him on the phone once since his return and we talked in a courteous manner. He is an intelligent person. There was no offer and there will not be one. He didn’t even enquire.”

On a move to Juventus:

You know, in football, we are very superstitious. Better to say as little as possible until something is done.


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