What can PSG achieve this year, the Neymar situation taken into account?

Neymar’s situation in Paris Saint-Germain is filling the headlines these days. One of the best players in the world wants to leave Parc des Princes, as he doesn’t wish to be a part of this club anymore. The Brazilian superstar is unhappy in France for quite some time, and the problems between him and the club are already present for several months. But it is not only about the management and the organization. The fans are not very keen on seeing Neymar playing for PSG, too. Many of them are afraid that the current turmoils might affect the overall atmosphere in the dressing room, especially if the club fails to sell or loan the player.

Regarding domestic competitions, they don’t have to worry. Paris Saint-Germain is the undisputed ruler of the French Ligue 1. They’ve won six titles in the last seven years, and are virtual without any competition. The odds on the Saints to win another title are 1/5. It pretty much tells you all. Their biggest rivals, Lyon, are sitting at 15/2, so you can get the picture on how big of a difference there is between PSG and all the rest. Some of the bookies are offering to bet on who finishes second, as the fight for that position draws more attention than the title race.

However, the situation is a bit different when talking about the international stage. To be more precise, the Champions League. PSG is tied with Real Madrid as the fourth favorite to win the trophy. Odds on their triumph are 8/1, slightly behind Liverpool who sits at 7/1. Man City and Barca are the top two contenders; Citizens are at 10/3, while Blaugrana sits at 9/2. The bookies see the French champions as one serious team who has realistic chances to end this competition victoriously. If you too believe in their success, click here to apply for a Unibet bonus, which could be very useful in future betting.

Truth to be told, both the fans and the players, as well as the members of the organization, are more interested in winning the Champions League. They have nothing more to prove in the French league and want a bigger challenge. That would be the UCL. But the current situation with Neymar isn’t going to help them at all. Firstly, because they have to make certain adjustments in the game if he leaves. With all due respect to Angel di Maria, he is not Neymar’s level. The Argentinian is a fantastic player, but not in the same league as the Brazilian.

Also, Neymar will probably head for one of the top Europan teams, which means that he might strengthen one of PSG’s biggest rivals. Imagine him back in Barcaor heading for Juventus. That would be opposite to Saints’ interests. The best thing for both sides would be Neymar’s return to PSG’s starting lineup. But at this point, the chances for such an ending are pretty low. The gap between the two sides is just too big, and it seems that there is no way back.


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