What Constitutes a True Football Fan?

The popularity of football has grown tremendously over the last few decades, as it has gone global thanks to the Internet and media. Most of the top clubs these days have more fans and supporters outside their country rather than in their region. Fans who get to visit every game and purchase season tickets have had little option but to support the club. Betway is very important in the lives of these fans, responsible for showing the team’s predictions and helping them to have a greater incentive to support the team. Yet, the feeling of support is incredibly high within these fans that it often creates a rivalry with other sets of supporters.

Football clubs were started for its members and the clashes with other supporters were seen as a way to express strong loyalty and support. The derby games came into existence for this purpose. It is very difficult to be in the shoes of a fan living abroad. They have to stay awake during late hours just to catch games and one can only imagine the mental stress to watch a dull game after having gone through those lengths. People who are able to get out to local pubs to watch games are slightly fortunate, while there are fans who end up spending time alone at their homes to watch these games. These are fans who are sacrificing their own social life in order to support a team. The joys and sorrows of having done so can primarily be shared only on social media.

The lengths that they go to extend support to a club are enormous. The expenditure by fans who attend every match is extraordinary, and this is especially true in the case of loyal supporters who attend away games as well. The primary expenditure for fans abroad comes in the form of TV subscriptions, which in the being the multi-billion pound revenue that has changed the landscape of football in the last two decades. They are also partly responsible for ramping up the commercial revenue through the purchase of merchandise.

A big criticism levied at supporters abroad is their ‘plastic’ nature, as they are perceived to lose interest when the team does not perform well. However, the dedication put in by the fans abroad to watch games in odd hours should not be forgotten. Even when these fans have the opportunity to support local clubs, they end up looking at a foreign club that may not offer much back.

These fans also quickly get a grasp of the various songs and chants that make for a great atmosphere inside stadiums. It should not be forgotten that most of these songs are in foreign languages that do take a lot of time to learn.

Yet, these fans go to great lengths in order to understand the club and put themselves in such a way that they feel united with the club. Such true and loyal support is rare. It is time to revise the thoughts about what makes a true football fan.


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