Who should Liverpool sign from France & elsewhere this summer?

Liverpool’s last season was a dream come true for thousands of fans. Even though they missed on the domestic title after sitting at the top for a long time, Liverpool won the Champions League for the first time in 14 years. It was a long overdue moment that they missed out on the year before. This time, Klopp’s squad wouldn’t squander any chances to lift the big-eared trophy. After such a season, the Enfield outfit isn’t expected to make major moves on the transfer market. They brought in a group of quality players last year, and the stars are obviously not leaving now. However, as many experts say, it’s better to strengthen while you’re on top.

Liverpool’s biggest threats, especially Manchester City, surely won’t sit idle. If Klopp wants to have a go at another CL title and finally win the Premier League, he needs to make some improvements. If you’re sure that Liverpool is going to win it next season, we strongly suggest betting on it. Bookies have already listed the odds for the outright favourites and Liverpool sits right behind City. Instead of spending your own money, why don’t you claim the free bet no deposit offer on thebookiesoffers.co.uk? With it, you can back Liverpool up and possibly win a nice sum next May. The bonuses can maximize your profit, and what’s even better, you will spend no real money when making a free bet.

Liverpool’s odds of winning the CL this year are 7/1 and they are between the top 3 contenders for the title. They are also one of the favourites to win the Premier League, with odds coming at 11/4. Liverpool’s players are between the contenders to be the top goalscorers. Mo Salah is leading the pack. Salah’s odds of being the top goalscorer in the PL are 11/2, and his odds of being the top goalscorer in the CL are 10/1. City are Liverpool’s biggest rivals at the moment. They are slightly more likely to be champions in the PL and CL. Their odds of winning the CL are 10/3, and for the PL, their odds are sitting at 4/9.

One thing is for sure, the probability of an English CL winner is high. Liverpool are keen on coming out on top this year, right above Manchester City. So, let’s see what is their current situation, and do they need in order to win this season’s race.

Is There Anything Liverpool Really Needs?

If Liverpool could buy one thing that can really improve the team, it’s consistency. All throughout the season, the team just wasn’t decisive in many games which allowed City to retake the lead and eventually win the title. However, since you can’t pay for consistency, you can at least pay for high-quality players.

Before last year, Liverpool really needed improvements in the back and that was solved with the acquisition of Virgil Van Dijk. Hailed as the world’s best defender at the moment, the 18-19 PL Player of the Year was in stunning form all season long. With the arrival of Alisson on goal, Liverpool became an impenetrable shield. Both full-back positions are filled nicely with Robertson and Alexander-Arnold, but with Alberto Moreno leaving, the team needs back-up on the left.

There’s been a lot of chatter involving the likes of Adam Lewis (Liverpool U-23) or a more experienced option in Kolarov from AS Roma. Liverpool’s latest Roma signings have turned out great, and maybe that trend will continue. Of course, Matthijs De Ligt has been linked to the Reds for a long time, but we honestly feel that a Robertson backup is far more important than a new centre back.

Reinforcing the Midfield

Since there are too many similar players in Liverpool midfield, a more creative attacking option should be Klopp’s priority. Maybe this is finally the summer Klopp signs Nabil Fekir. The Olympique Lyonnais captain may give the team the creative spark it needs. He’ll feed the deadly trio up front with great balls which can lead to big chances and even more goals. It’s fair to say that Liverpool wasn’t lacking goals last year (89 goals in the PL), but an attacking midfielder like Fekir would make them even more lethal.

Experienced Striker Up Front

The trio of Firmino, Salah, and Mane is deadly on its own. Liverpool’s trio has bagged a ton of goals last year and there’s no reason the same won’t happen next season. However, Daniel Sturridge has left Anfield and there are doubts over Divock Origi’s future. Klopp mustn’t leave the front without cover as one injury can change the course of the whole season.

Nicolas Pepe is one of the optionsand he surely fits the profile. The explosive Lille star can compete for one of the spots up front or rotate to keep everyone fresh. Additionally, he will provide firepower when called from the bench.

Celta Vigo’s Maxi Gomez looks like a great choice as well. He and Pepe would give the Reds a nice cover for the front trio and are possibly long-term solutions.


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