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Wilfrid Mbappé on media attention: “Before I read & watched everything, but not anymore.”

Speaking to Le Parisien, PSG attacker Kylian Mbappé’s father discussed the media intensity around his son.

“Before I read and watched everything, but not anymore. It is like a chocolate cake, if you eat too much, then you have an upset stomach. Sometimes, there is also disinformation. Ok, Kylian is a public person, but I do not understand why everyday there are things written a about him. It is annoying.”

He also discussed who his favourite manager was and who his second favourite player after his son was:

“Guardiola! You get the impression that he is constantly innovating. For me, football is a show. Sadly, too many coaches forget that. When I hear players after a match says that “we were solid”, that frustrates me. I would prefer to watch a 5-4 than a 1-0.”

“My favourite player is Kylian and my second favourite is Mbappé! Even if I take away the fact that he is my son, to see him play gives me so much joy. I loved Ronaldo the Brazilian, Zidane, Pelé, Maradona, Cruyff and Ronaldinho. I also love Neymar. To see him play with Kylian is a guarantee that you are watching a show. I go to the stadium to feast my eyes and to be lifted from my seat!”




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