Younousse Sankharé upset with Bordeaux’s treatment of him: “At a minimum, I need to be respected. I have actually succeeded in Ligue 1.”

Speaking to L’Équipe, midfielder Younousse Sankharé expressed his disappointment at the way he has been treated by Bordeaux, who are forcing him to exit the club.

“I understand what position I am in. Each time there is a new manager, it is the same thing. I am initially cast aside, I do what I need to do to reintegrate myself and things go well. This time, the coach (Paulo Sousa) made it clear to me that he is not counting on me, that I needed to find an exit door. Ok, but I am not just going to go to any old club, in any way. They want to sort out my situation as quickly as possible but they need to respect me at the very least. I have actually succeeded in Ligue 1, I’ve been here for 2.5 years and I make an impact once every three times. I am not going to go to any random project just because Bordeaux have decided to rid of me.”


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