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Zinedine Zidane hell-bent on Paul Pogba deal

L’Équipe report that Real Madrid have attempted to offer Zinedine Zidane the possibility of signing Tottenham midfielder Christian Eriksen, but the French manager is hell-bent on purchasing Manchester United man Paul Pogba instead.

Real Madrid representatives are working very hard on this complicated deal for the 26-year-old as a result.

A deal is currently being blocked by two things: a tricky relationship between Mino Raiola and Real Madrid representatives, and the French international’s salary demands.

A source inside Real Madrid had the following to say on the matter:

“If we have the opportunity to sign Neymar or Mbappé, then we can discuss giving them €20m a year because they are immense world stars. But a player like Pogba, as good as he is, cannot just arrive like that and become the best paid player in the squad. He needs to think and make those who are advising him think.”

Zidane has been informed of these deal roadblocks, but is insistent upon the fact that Pogba will become a lynchpin in his new-look Real Madrid squad.

From Pogba’s side, he has been a little alarmed by the “brutality” of the Spanish side in the opening discussions. One month ago, he saw a move to the Spanish capital as envisagable, now he is not so sure.

The big charm offensive from Juventus has got his attention. The French international has zero intention of remaining at Manchester United and for that reason is refusing to shut the door on an eventual move to PSG, even though from an FFP standpoint a deal is seems impossible.


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