3 Football Betting Tips Every Punter Should Know

With millions of fans religiously supporting football leagues, it’s safe to say that Football is the most popular sport on the planet. Football betting has become a popular activity amongst football supporters. As a result, avid fans are in constant search for the latest football news and best football tips for today.

Football betting activity is a great way for many to feel a stronger sense of victory for every win—as they place their money on the line. To make sure that you’re betting smartly, here are some football betting tips every punter should know. 

#1 Always Do Your Research

The very first thing every punter should know is to gather as much information as possible before making a move. You must utilize every type of football news platforms out there like free betting sites, sport news and football podcasts. The more data you collect the more of an advantage you’ll have. 

While past statistics are very useful to base your betting decisions off of, it is also news on very important to know the latest football news. There can be sudden changes that could help you form a stronger betting decision. Trivial things such as the weather or major ones like having a player dropout might happen. These changes in factors can determine a football team’s performance on the field. 

#2 Always Remain Analytical 

If you want to gain a profit, betting with your heart or gut won’t guarantee you a win. Betting on impulse without any prior knowledge of the teams involved will only increase your chances of losing. Similarly, punters who bet with their heart all because they have a favourite team or player also have a lower percentage of wins. 

To win big, you must remain analytical and not let your emotions take over. Look at the numbers, latest news and other determining factors before placing your bets. 

#3 Keep Track of Your Bets

One of the best ways to increase your chances of placing better bets is by keeping a betting record. Having a record of your past bets helps give you insight on what bets worked and what didn’t. In your betting records, you can take down the type of bet you placed, stake, potential return and result. 

#4 A Profit is Still A Profit

Punters who constantly chase after big stakes and higher profits always tend to lose, big time. It’s important to remember that when it comes to bets, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to win. Even the most skilled and experienced bettors have experienced losses. 

Placing small bets can also be a great way to gain profit without risking a painful and costly loss. Betting with small amounts of money is also a great way for betting beginners to gain experience. Remember, a profit is still a profit—no matter how small the amount. 

By taking note of these full-proof betting tips, you’ll be able to make better and smarter betting decisions. 


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