5 test positive for COVID-19 at St Étienne, 3 first team players

Ligue 1 side St Étienne this evening announced that after a round of COVID-19 testing administered for all players and staff, 5 individuals have tested positive for the virus.

Three of those individuals are members of the St Étienne 1st team, but their identities have so far not been revealed.

“33 players and 21 staff were tested when they arrived at the Robert-Herbin Sports Center yesterday (Wednesday). Today, 38 additional tests were carried out with employees in the administrative sector. The results of this screening campaign showed that people who tested positive had contracted the virus during the quarantine period, when they were not in contact with each other. These people are now isolated at home and are the subject of support by medical staff, supported by the Saint-Etienne University Hospital. They will undergo additional examinations within 24 hours as stipulated in the protocol. The training of the 1st team squad will continue normally this Friday, according to the defined health framework.”

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