Adil Rami feels stuck in Russia: “I miss my children, but I’m scared to come back.”

Speaking to RMC Sport, 34-year-old 2018 World Cup winner Adil Rami discussed his COVID-19 experience, with the Frenchman having recently signed for PFC Sochi.

“The league is suspended, it has been stopped, and I personally think that it will go on for longer than expected. On my side I listen to the doctors, I had the chance to anticipate things (take measures of protection), because there is no quarantine in Sochi, even though we have had advice from the club to avoid busy places.”

“The little problem that I have, is that currently everyone is outside here, everyone is living their life, but to go back to France is difficult. I have a contract with Sochi, I am 34… We never know with a trip, there are quarantines a bit all over, I am scared that I might not be able to come back to play football. It remains tricky, I miss my children, but I am going to wait, be patient and to see what happens.”

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