Adrian Ursea becomes OGC Nice manager at least until the end of the season

Speaking in a press conference on Friday, OGC Nice President Jean-Pierre Rivère confirmed that Adrian Ursea will be the club’s manager until at least the end of the season, following the sacking of Patrick Vieira.

“We tried to accompany Patrick right until the end but when we considered that we were not on the right path, we had to take another route. Adrian Ursea will be the OGC Nice coach and our project. We are not looking for anyone else. He will be the squad this season, for what’s to come we will see. He is someone of this club, we will see for what happens after this season. Adrian is not taking someone else’s place.”

Ex-OGC Nice midfielder Didier Digard will be integrated into the coaching staff and Nicolas Dion will be the 1st team’s principal fitness coach.

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