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Algerian boss Belmadi: “Young players like Aouar love social media, what people say about them.”

Speaking to media on Wednesday, Algerian national team manager Djamel Belmadi discussed the national team’s failed pursuit of Houssem Aouar, who will make his first appearance for France vs Ukraine tonight.

“On the Aouar situation I was clear, I explained things, we did the work. The people do not understand that we did everything, but I do not want to get into the details… I entered into contact with Aouar pretty much the day that I started this job, but it turned out that he has always dreamed of playing for France. Aouar made up his mind a long time ago, but I am not going to shout from the roofs about it, because players have families, we do not want to put them in difficulty. Young players like Aouar love social media, what people are saying about them. I know that he will see what I say about him. I therefore worked in silence on this matter.”

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