Amiens make players sign waiver as they move training onto a pitch

Monday, with the start of the de-escalation of quarantine, the French came out of their homes as did the Amiens players. Tired of training at home or running in their neighbourhood, they have asked the club to make a pitch available to them each morning. The board accepted their request on one condition: that the players sign a waiver discharging Amiens SC of any responsibility.

“I release, in my capacity as a voluntary practitioner of sporting activity, the club of Amiens SC of all responsibility, in the event of an accident of any nature, and renounce any legal rights against the club… [this] is not organised by the club. Field facilities are accessible to them during the de-escalation of quarantine.”

A dozen players (including Christophe Jallet and Thomas Monconduit) have come together to train and meet again after weeks of chatting on WhatsApp: “There is no obligation. It is making facilities available to those who want to run, for example. The official return to action is scheduled for late June,” a source told L’Équipe.

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