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André Villas-Boas: “If this works, it is a winning piece of coaching.”

Speaking to RMC Sport ahead of tonight’s Champions’ League clash against Manchester City, Portuguese manager and Marseille coach André Villas-Boas explained his decision to opt for a 3-5-2 formation.

“If this works, it is a winning piece of coaching. If not, it is a losing piece of coaching. We are going to do the maximum to exploit City’s little weaknesses. They have problems with a very packed schedule, a bit like us. But they played the Champions’ League until the Final 8 stage and finished the Premier League. That is why they have had a few difficulties at the beginning of their league season. We want to profit from little moments of instability, with good counter-attacks. I don’t remember a game where City did not control possession. On the small chances that we will have, we will have to do the best possible.”



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