Angers President Saïd Chabane in police custody following sexual assault allegations

As widely reported elsewhere, the president of Ligue 1 side Angers, Saïd Chabane, was taken into police custody this morning following multiple allegations of sexual assault.

The 55-year-old arrived at the local police station at just before 08:00 local time this morning – he faces a preliminary investigation into allegations of sexual assault committed on an employee of the club.

The first legal complaint against Chabane was filed on 7th January by the victim, who claims that the acts he committed on her occurred at the end of 2019. The accuser, who is currently an employee at Angers SCO. She describes not only a long and unwanted pursuit on Chabane’s part of sexual contact, but also being touched on her breasts and private parts, in the workplace.

She claims that the first instances of sexual harassment occurred at the end of November, during a work trip to Madrid. Over the course of this weekend, several employees were invited by Chabane. A married man with three children, Chabane wanted to celebrate the club’s 100 year anniversary. They notably visited Atletico Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano stadium during their stay. The other set of unwanted acts are understood to have occurred at the club itself.

After having heard this young woman, investigators in Angers looked deeper into any previous allegations of sexual abuse and have uncovered that two other women were heard by police citing unwanted sexual contact from Chabane at other points during his tenure at Le SCO.

A source close to the investigation told L’Équipe that other young women are still expected to be heard.

Angers prosecutor Eric Bouillard released the following message to the newspaper on the ongoing situation:

“Since the opening of this enquiry, very serious accusations have been levelled at Mr Chabane. Rumours had been circling around the football club for a little while. The police custody of Mr Chabane is ongoing.”

Angers’ General Manager Olivier Pickeu today held a meeting with the players to assure them that their president, Saïd Chabane, was relaxed about the investigation ongoing into allegations of sexual assault against him. The discourse that Pickeu was offering to the players was one of serene optimism.

Chabane has also since formally denied any wrongdoing. Police this evening announced that he was now under formal investigation.

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