Angers winger Farid El Melali put in police custody for sexual exhibitionism

Le Parisien report that 22-year-old Algerian international and Ligue 1 side Angers winger Farid El Melali was brought into police custody today, accused of sexual exhibitionism.

The player admitted guilt and was able to head home. He will shortly be judged in the context of a pre-conviction appearance, the equivalent of a guilty plea. He faces a fine.

On the night between Monday 4th May and Tuesday 5th May, neighbours were surprised to find the player masturbating in the courtyard of his building, located in downtown Angers, while looking into the home of a neighbour located on the ground floor. 

They then called the police who arrested him. This is the second time he has been reported for similar acts, according to a police source. For his defence, his lawyers are putting forward the idea that the Angers player thought that his female neighbour could not see him.

On Monday, it was announced that El Melali had extended his contract with Angers until 2023.

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