AS Monaco VP Oleg Petrov: “It would be pretentious to say we want to take PSG’s place.”

Speaking in an interview with Le Figaro, AS Monaco Vice President Oleg Petrov was asked whether he felt his club could rival PSG in the not too distant future.

“I will not speak about our aims in relation to PSG. We are aware of the size of that club, their financial capabilities. My aim is to be the best behind PSG. Aside from that, we are looking to win Ligue 1 in the future. That is also the president’s aim. It would be pretentious to say that we want to take PSG’s place, but we want to fight with them, fight from time to time, that’s the aim. We want to be able to fight for the title each season. And it is the same thing for the Champions’ League. We do not just want to participate to earn TV rights money or make up the numbers.”

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