Benoît Costil: “I am attracted to a move to Spain or Italy.”

Speaking to Sud Ouest, Ligue 1 side Bordeaux’s goalkeeper Benoît Costil discussed his future at the club.

“Everything is possible. I have a bit more than two years left on my current contract. I am still very hungry. I want to continue to improve and to go as far as possible so that I have no regrets when I finish. It is out of the question for me to fix a date on that. I am 32. In France, people focus too much on age. I have always thought about (leaving France). Not for just anywhere but I have a lot of affection for Italy and also Spain. These are countries that attract me, with a footballing culture and leagues that I appreciate. But I could also stay here for a long time. Bordeaux must be ambitious. I do not control my future.”

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