Bruno Guimarães wants IOC to change football eligibility rules on the postponed Olympics

Speaking to RMC Sport, Lyon defensive midfielder Bruno Guimarães made a plea to the IOC to raise the age limit for participation in the Olympic Games from 23 to 24, after the recent decision to postpone the Japanese games to 2021. The Brazilian would have captained his country in this summer’s games, if Lyon allowed him to travel, but technically next season he would not be allowed to as he would be too old.

“Hello everyone. Before everything else, I want to congratulate the IOC for taking this decision. We know how serious this moment is that we are living through and the priority is to take care of our lives. I am asking the same people to raise the age limit for the Olympics (in football), by one year, at 24, so that no athlete is impacted by an event off the pitch that is not their fault. I am asking them to take a decision in the right way so that nobody is discriminated against.”

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