Christophe Dugarry slams French club football: “We buy players for potential, not titles.”

RMC pundit Christophe Dugarry used last night’s radio show to slam the current quality of French club football.

“I think we have to have a review of all of French football. Just look at the results we have in European competitions. There is an escalation of money, always more, but in the end worse results. I speak for French football. The players are always being paid more and always performing worse, in Europe in particular. Of course, there is a flourishing football economy, we manage to sell our young players for impressive sums for players who haven’t proven anything.”

“From the moment when we bought players for potential and not for titles… Today, the price of a football player is based on his potential. There are so many of them that it does not mean anything anymore. It’s a lottery and the French leaders played this lottery.”

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