Decision for PSG vs Dortmund to be behind closed doors will cost French club approximately €10m

RMC Sport estimate that the overall cost to Ligue 1 leaders PSG of their Champions’ League Round of 16 2nd leg clash vs Dortmund on Wednesday night being forced to occur behind closed doors is approximately €10m.

This figure takes into account the loss of ticket sales revenue, but also the use of in-stadium restaurants, shops and other services usually paid for in and around the ground, as well as services that the club had already paid for prior to the decision: security and cleaning being significant items on the balance sheet.

The impact of COVID-19 on the football business will be even more keenly felt by PSG’s partners, with Ligue 1 matches likely forced to occur behind closed doors until at least 15th April. All of a sudden, a steady stream of bi-weekly business for contracted service providers to the club disappears for them.

The Paris tourism sector will also take a hit this week as they will not be able to benefit from the arrivals of the estimated 7,000 Borussia Dortmund fans that were due to take the trip to the French capital.

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