Didier Deschamps weighs in on PSG’s intention to block Kylian Mbappé for being at the Olympics

Speaking to La Chaine L’Équipe, Didier Deschamps reacted to PSG’s insistence against Kylian Mbappé

“I am not the national team boss for the Olympic Games – that is Sylvain Ripoll. If you are well-informed, I don’t think that he is the only player that their position concerns. It does not just concern French players. The employer is PSG. They are not necessarily the only club who could oppose the participation of certain players. It is outside of FIFA’s dates, it comes after EURO 2020 and with not exactly simple climate conditions over there: high temperature, a heavy humidity. Like all clubs, PSG are an employer, and they are acting within their rights.”

“Aside from that, there is the footballing aspect, we want to perform as well as possible, each nation is trying to have the best players… But what is important for me, is that I know that PSG will not be opposing Kylian playing in the Euros and I am counting on him. And Kylian is already well-prepared for this, he has it in his head already.”

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