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Dijon manager Stéphane Jobard admits that Yassine Benzia is without mobility in his hand

Speaking in an interview with RMC Sport, Dijon manager Stéphane Jobard admitted that attacking midfielder Yassine Benzia was not close to a return to footballing action after a serious left-hand injury that the Algerian sustained in a high-speed accident on a vehicle believed to have been a quad bike during quarantine.

“Yassine suffered a serious injury to his hand. For the moment, Yassine is trying to get his hand back into a place of being physically apt, being mobile. There are other challenges than just preparing for a league season. But I hope that we will see him in the red Dijon shirt again sometime between now and the end of the season.”

“He is mentally strong too is Yassine. This is where the mentality of top level sports people can help in everyday life. I will be the happiest of all men when I see him put his boots on and get onto the Dijon training pitch.”

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