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Djibril Cissé wants to return to Ligue 1 at 38 to hit 100 goals barrier

Speaking in an interview with So Foot, 38-year-old striker Djibril Cissé offered his services for free to any Ligue 1 club for next season – he wants to return to the French top flight in order to score six more goals that would enable him to be part of the 100 goal club.

“You know how a goalscorer is, we are in love with the goal, we are in love with milestones, 25, 50, 75… Me, this 100 milestone haunts me. I stayed at 96 goals since I stopped. I am missing 4 and I am not coping well with it, it is driving me crazy. If a club would accept, I can get them in two or three months. I am pretty determined, when I have an objective, to do everything to attain it… [I can also] help the team with the mental preparation, the youth teams and even advise the attackers. I would love to… I’d come for free!”

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