Dr Alex George on how to retool workouts without access to the gym: “Make the most of your home environment.”

Speaking in the inaugural episode of the new Presenting series titled “Quarantine & Chill,” former Love Island contestant and current NHS doctor Alex George provided counsel to individuals who are struggling to retool their workout regimes now that they are without access to a gym.

“A lot of people love exercise, go to the gym, I actually enjoy the gym myself. Now we are in a situation where you obviously can’t go to the gym. So people are doing home workouts and stuff like that. So I think that’s really great, trying to utilise your space at home. There’s actually really good Instagram accounts to do these sorts of things. YouTube as well, you can find workouts to do at home. Just finding anything that’s really just going to get your heart rate high, get you out of breath and basically release some endorphins.”

“Also, we can go outside, we just need to maintain social distances of two metres. So you can get outside and do some exercise as well. I actually go for a long walk or a run, I’ve ordered a new bike, which is coming soon, so I’m going to go out and get on a bike, which is coming soon.”

Remember to stay home in this difficult time!

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