Eduardo Camavinga targeting EURO 2020: “I am going to have to work hard next season.”

Speaking in an interview with Ouest-France, 17-year-old Rennes midfielder Eduardo Camavinga admitted that he hopes to play for France at EURO 2020 next summer

“For me, there is the World Cup, the biggest competition and the one that I can really call a dream. The Olympics and the Euros, they are more objectives. And yes, I hope to be there. I am going to have to provide myself with the necessary means next season, work hard.”

Camavinga was also asked about his future at the Brittany side:

“Everything that concerns negotiations and discussions during the season, I really have nothing to do with. When the season begins, I concentrate exclusively on football, leave my agents and my parents to sort everything else out. We will speak again together at the end of the season, when it is necessary. But if there was a significant agreement mid-season (made with Rennes for him to remain for another season), honestly, I would certainly be aware of that. My future, we will see at the end of the season.”

“Honestly, I am not concentrating much (on interested clubs). Obviously, it is nice when big clubs like those cited are interested in me, but inversely, I am not that interested in that. Especially because I feel good at Rennes. We will see what’s next… I will leave my parents and my agents to deal with that.”

On whether he is able to escape the constant media speculation about him:

I don’t look much, but I still see it. In fact, you can’t avoid it. Sometimes, I go on social media quickly and I see things that my friends are sending me. One time, at Amiens in the Coupe de la Ligue, an opponent said to me: “We have to swap shirts before you go to Real Madrid.” But I wasn’t much in the mood for jokes, we had just been eliminated. But afterwards, I thought about it again, I laughed.

One thing that I know about my future is that I will go for free to Fougères to finish my career (laughs). I will only ask for a little something from the snack shop after matches (laughs). Apple juice, more precisely! I saw this week on social media that coach Pierre-Yves David will remain at Fougères until 2022, that’s good.

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