Ex-Paris FC boss Mecha Bazdarevic is making masks for vulnerable residents in Montbéliard

Speaking in an interview with L’Est Républicain, recently sacked manager of Ligue 2 side Paris FC, Mecha Bazdarevic, revealed that he has been physically making masks for elderly and alone residents in Montbéliard, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The 59-year-old had the following to say:

“There, where I live, there are people who are alone, people who are worried about not finding masks. A woman told me that she could not leave her home because she didn’t have a mask. As I did not know where they could be found, I said to myself: I will handle this. And then I started the DIY. Then, with the help of a neighbour, we made a dozen, more sophisticated ones, for the neighbourhood.”

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