Exclusive | Bob Ratcliffe: “The only thing that OGC Nice has on PSG at the moment is the weather!”

Speaking as part of the latest Presidents Podcast episode exclusively on Get French Football News, OGC Nice CEO Bob Ratcliffe discussed the notion of rivalling PSG.

“The resources of PSG are significant, it does everything well. From its kit, its Michael Jordan tie in. I think it should be able to attract very interesting players going forward. I think one of the questions that was posed to me before this was what do we do better than PSG. I think the only thing I can come up with at the moment down in Nice is the weather. But then I did think, that in itself is sort of quite interesting. Because within INEOS we do talk to ourselves and say – why wouldn’t you want to go to Nice as a young player? You’ve got a great coach, great stadium and what a place to live. There is a big plus about warm weather football. I think as part of building this hub of INEOS football around Nice is that it is a great place to be and a fantastic place to play your football.”

“I don’t know how much it matters to a young footballer, I hope that it does, but hey you can bump into Chris Froome or Geraint Thomas in the gym. There is this mix with other athletes that could be quite interesting, even housing some of the young players together from the diverse sports. There is a lot we have not even started on yet in terms of INEOS Sport.”

Listen to the full podcast below:

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