Exclusive | Majeed Waris on tackling COVID-19 in Ghana: “We’ve sponsored some radio stations to preach to people about protecting themselves.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Get French Football News, 28-year-old Strasbourg attacker Majeed Waris provided details of the actions he is taking to support the COVID-19 fight in Ghana. 

“Yeah, what we’ve done is we’ve donated a lot of items to prevent the spread of the virus. And then we’ve also taken time to educate the people on how to protect themselves and we’ve also sponsored some radio stations to preach to the people. Because sometimes in Africa not everyone has the financial ability to buy a phone, not everyone has the financial ability to be able protect themselves against all these sorts of things. But what I do know is a lot of people do listen to these radio stations and they have a huge impact on people’s lives – especially old people.”

“They don’t know about phones, all they do is tune into the radio to see what is happening so we also tried to think about these kind of things, and we try to sponsor programmes that can educate people not just about the virus but about life in general about how to live your life, how to have a positive life, how to protect yourself against certain things. These are some of the things that we’ve taken into consideration, so we can make a lot of donations and help a lot of people.”

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