Exclusive | Majeed Waris slams Ghana national team: “Selection is not based on merit, it’s only based on politics.”

Speaking as part of an exclusive interview with Get French Football News, Strasbourg attacker Majeed Waris pulled no punches when it comes to his relationship with his national team in Ghana.

“For me, I think it’s always good to play for your nation if you have the opportunity because you can always count yourself lucky if your whole country is calling on you to play for them. You are lucky. I feel like I’ve played quite a lot of games, at the beginning I used to be very happy any time there was a national team game coming up but I’ve grown up to understand that there’re a lot of politics around the national team when it comes to selecting players for the tournaments. That made me realise a lot of things and lose a bit of interest because the selection is not based on your merit, it’s only based on politics.”

“I feel like this is not very good because it’s affecting the nation as well. For me, where I come from, I always believe in hard work. For example, I missed the last tournament after a great season in Nantes, they dropped me for someone who doesn’t even play in Ligue 2. So there are a lot of issues around it but this is Ghana, you can’t say a lot of things about it. I just moved on and fortunately I’ve achieved a lot club wise so this is not really affecting me.”

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