Exclusive | Ruben Gabrielsen on ex-boss Ole Gunnar Solskjær: “When he gives you a plan, everything he said would happen does.”

Speaking as part of an exclusive interview with Get French Football News, Toulouse central defender Ruben Gabrielsen discussed his experiences being coached by Ole Gunnar Solskjær at Molde.

“For me he was fantastic. I learned a lot of great things about football and about life. He’s a fantastic human. He knows humans, he knows how to talk to you, he knows what you need, so I learned so much from him, and I’m forever grateful. He’s really, really clever. He thinks football 24/7. He likes to experiment, and when it comes to big games it’s like, the plan is in his head. And when he gives you the plan, everything that he said will happen is going to happen. English football in Norway is huge, and I see what they write, but I know how he is and what he’s thinking. Like you say, the big games he’s played with United now, it’s all good results… so I think maybe when it’s not a big game, sometimes he can do better. But in big games, he’s a magician.”

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