Exclusive | Ruben Gabrielsen on the Toulouse dressing room: “You want to speak… you think people are sick & tried of your voice.”

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Get French Football News, Norwegian central defender Ruben Gabrielsen discussed the atmosphere in the Toulouse dressing room upon his arrival, who currently sit 14 points adrift from possible safety with 10 matches remaining.

“You go in the locker room with players that lack confidence, that haven’t won a game in ten games, and the mentality is like, you are so afraid of losing the next game. So it’s like, they have said everything already, you know. So when it comes to games, you want to speak up, but you know “last time I said this it didn’t work, and I think people are sick and tired of my voice,” things like that.”

“And you go into a shell of just, “I need to think about me. All I can think about now is me. If I play good, maybe I can make a difference.” But in reality, in football, you need to think about the man that’s to your left and to your right. If they play good, you will play good as well. So I just think, that was the difference between Molde and Toulouse when I’d just arrived.”

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