FFF announces termination of 2019/20 season for 4th division downwards

The French Football Federation has announced the termination with immediate effect of the 2019/20 season for all divisions from the 4th division of French football downwards, as COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc with the football calendar.

This has resulted in the following promotions and relegations for the relevant leagues per the FFF statement, which you can read in full below.

Promotions and Relegations from National 2:

Promoted to National (3rd division): SC Bastia, St Brieuc, Annecy, Sète

Relegated to National 3 (5th division): Lille 2, Drancy, Croix, Vitré, Oissel, Mantes, Montpellier 2, Saint-Etienne 2, Nîmes 2, St Priest, Endoume, Stade Bordelais.

Promotions and Relegations from National 3 (French 5th division):

N3 Nouvelle Aquitaine

Promoted to National 2: Stade Montois

Relegated to Régional 1: Bassin Arcachon, Mérignac Arlac, Pau FC B 

N3 Pays de la Loire

Promoted to National 2: La Roche sur Yon ou Châteaubriant

Relegated to Régional 1: La Flèche, Changé ou Les Herbiers B

N3 Centre Val de Loire

Promoted to National 2: Tours

Relegated to Régional 1: Dreux, St Cyr sur Loire 

N3 Corse Méditérranée

Promoted to National 2: Athéltico Marseille

Relegated to Régional 1: Balagne, Marseille Ardziv, Gemenos

N3 Bourgogne Franche Comté

Promoted to National 2: Auxerre B

Relegated to Régional 1: Roche Novillars, Sens

N3 Grand Est

Promoted to National 2: Metz B

Relegated to Régional 1: Sarreguemines, FCM Troyes

N3 Occitanie

Promoted to National 2: Canet RFC

Relegated to Régional 1: Toulouse Rodéo, Auch, Béziers B, Aigues Mortes

N3 Hauts de France

Promoted to National 2: Beauvais

Relegated to Régional 1: Arras, Chambly B, Le Portel, Grande Synthe

N3 Normandie

Promoted to National 2: Caen B

Relegated to Régional 1: Gonfreville, Pacy Ménilles, Grand Quevilly 

N3 Bretagne

Promoted to National 2: Plabennec

Relegated to Régional 1: Guichen, Ergue Gaberic, Tregunc

N3 Paris Ile de France

Promoted to National 2: Versailles

Relegated to Régional 1: Boulogne Billancourt, St Leu, Noisy le Grand, Torcy 

N3 Auvergne Rhône Alpes

Promoted to National 2: Hauts Lyonnais ou Rumilly Vallières

Relegated to Régional 1: St Flour, Thiers, Aurillac, Le Puy B

“The FFF Executive Committee, meeting today, has decided to put an end to all leagues, districts, National 3 (5th division), National 2 (4th division), D2 women (2nd division – women’s football) and futsal competitions, and national youth championships (female and male).

On March 12, following the announcement of sanitary containment measures to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, Noël Le Graët immediately took the decision to suspend all competitions in order to preserve the health of licensees and players in amateur football. The FFF hoped for a resumption of competitions as the societal role of football is essential.

But in light of the latest announcements by the President of the Republic, on Monday, April 13, extending the sanitary containment measures until May 11, this possibility of reasonable resumption of activities is no longer possible.

Faced with the exceptional nature of the situation, the FFF organised a broad consultation with football players, their representative organisations, the Leagues and Districts to determine a harmonised solution with terms for stopping competitions throughout the territory. At the end of this phase of exchanges and studies, the Executive Committee of the FFF has therefore taken the following decisions concerning the terms for stopping competitions in Leagues and Districts:

– a stoppage of competitions on March 13 (date of suspension of competitions) regardless of the number of games played.

– fixing the rankings according to the number of points obtained / number of games played in order to neutralise the effect of the games carried over.

– the division of clubs on equal points according to the rules of the competition concerned. If the competition rules are inoperative or do not allow the tiebreaker, criteria set by the Federation will be applied.

– the limitation of the number of relegations to one per division

– fixing the number of promotions in accordance with the regulations which prevail for the competition concerned.”

The FFF has decided not to take a decision to suspend National (3rd tier football) or the women’s 1st division at this stage.

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