French defender Thomas Heurtaux on Italian quarantine: “Police come by to remind you of the rules.”

Speaking in an interview with France Football, Serie B side Salernitana’s French central defender Thomas Heurtaux discussed life on lockdown in Italy amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“In the first weeks, in Milan, they began to close the schools, then they closed everything. And now, since Tuesday, all the bars and other places to do activities are closed. There are only hospitals and shops to get groceries left open. Owing to the fact that the thing propagated quite quickly, it was the best solution to try to extinguish this in all the regions. At the start, they said that places to do activities would have to be closed from 18:00 onwards in the evening. And now they announced they are closing everything, and that you should go outside only when absolutely necessary. I live right in the centre of Salerno. I can see the pedestrian zone from my balcony. And now there is really nobody that goes through it. There are those who walk their dogs, like me, but as little as possible. And then the police that are going by to remind people about the security rules and to stop people to find out who is leaving the house and why. The whole country is staying at home. I know that there are some factories that are continuing, but they are talking about going on strike because they do not view it as normal to be continuing to work when the country is at a standstill.”

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