French football broadcaster now owes the league €350m – refusing to make 2nd straight payment

The AFP report that principal domestic French football broadcaster Mediapro refused to pay their latest required tranche as per the 4-year contract with the LFP, now owing French football and its clubs €350m.

The December payment that was not made is understood to have been around €177.7m, but Mediapro did not make the payment, adding to the €172.3m payment that was due in October. To prevent French football clubs from going bankrupt, the LFP took out a government-backed loan to cover their debts. For December, LFP President Vincent Labrune have yet to find a solution, leading Reims President Caillot to explain that clubs might not be able to pay their players and employees in 2021.

The AFP confirm that the minor domestic broadcasters have conversely all made their required payments in time: Canal + and Free.

Mediapro believe that they are not required to make this December payment owing to the fact that they are currently in legal proceedings with the LFP in the Commercial Tribunal in Nanterre over the missing October payment.

At the end of October, Mediapro warned in a press conference that they felt the Nanterre procedure could take 4 months.

Mediapro, who were due to spend €780m on TV domestic French football rights this season, have currently held back €350m of that so far.

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