French Football Learns Painful Lesson After Trusting Mediapro

Every so often, a remarkable story breaks across social media. This latest scandal rocked the very core of French football for millions of fans around the world. On the surface of it, a ‘purported’ sports broadcasting company named Mediapro inked a lucrative deal valued at €1 billion per annum to broadcast French football games. While the record-shattering payment was agreed to back in 2018, the deal was mired in controversy. Mediapro had no history in French football, and there were no bank guarantees that the money would be delivered either. 

In a spectacular turn of events, the governing body for French Football, Ligue de Football Professionnel and Mediapro of Spain (with controlling interests by China) announced the collapse of the media agreement. Mediapro no longer has the 4 years of broadcasting rights for French football. Plus, it owes an estimated €300 million for this season’s football games. That sent Ligue de Football Professionnel into a tailspin, desperately seeking out a sports broadcasting partner to fill the void. Unfortunately, professional football teams rely desperately on marketing revenue, advertising euros, and sponsorship endorsements generated through broadcasting-related deals.

The French Football League is playing catch up against fellow European football titans in Germany, Italy, and Spain. Rival media groups have been scrambling to cash in on the fiasco, promoting the company’s interests as frontrunners for a new deal. When the deal was inked back in 2018, Mediapro was slated to spend €1 billion per season with French football. It was significant enough to cause a break between the professional football league and the erstwhile media partner Canal +. As a result of earnings expectations and French football being flush with cash, tremendous investments were made in players, coaching, and other acquisitions. Now, there’s no money to pay for all of these expenses.

French Football May Consider Alternative Solutions for Sports Broadcasting

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In 2013, a high-tech company named Pixellot was founded by Dr Miky Tamir, and Gal Oz, in Israel. This revolutionary camera system is designed expressly for sports broadcasting, and it works as a multi-camera unit in a single camera head unit. This AI-powered sports broadcasting solution has the capacity to provide panoramic coverage of an entire football game, from inception to the final whistle, with intricate detail of every play. The action from multiple cameras is seamlessly stitched together to provide maximum uninterrupted coverage on the field.

The level of sophistication in this AI sports broadcasting unit is such that 98% accuracy has been achieved, with incremental gains with every learning experience. The Pixellot AI camera system does not require camera crews, sports broadcasters, or technical experts to man the activities of the cameras while the games are in play. With detailed constructs for covering football games built into the computer system, the predictive abilities of Pixellot cameras are masterclass. Every month, 90K + hours of live sports streaming content is produced, helping to fuel in-depth of learning via the AI technology.

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French Football Clubs across the spectrum, from amateur club level to professional league level can easily adopt and implement this technology, and fine tune it to expectations. At the time of writing, Pixellot TV systems offer broad-reaching coverage for 16 sports, including football, futsal, lacrosse, rugby, basketball, and others. Algorithms are used to provide the framework for learning about the sport, the field/court, and the natural flow of the games. This revolutionary AI sports broadcasting solution is a game changer for football teams, with powerful applications for technical analysis, performance evaluation, and seamless football coverage.  

How Can French Football Clubs Profit from Pixellot’s Solutions

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The monetization of Pixellot football is possible in a variety of ways, notably broadcasting pay-per-view subscriptions, third-party partnerships, shared video streaming content with partners across multiple sports betting markets, and increased your engagement for higher advertising and sponsorship figures. Given that the AI sports broadcasting solution by Pixellot is significantly cheaper, it is much easier to deploy. Now, amateur games and professional games alike can enjoy full coverage for fans, players, coaches, and management, with sweet of detailed analytics at the ready. Monetization of the live streaming coverage via Pixellot is easily done, with huge revenue generation potential across social media networks, and sports subscription services.

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