Gérard Lopez calls for end of 2019/20 season to be simulated for the sake of fairness

Speaking to L’Équipe, Lille President Gérard Lopez admitted that he was unhappy with the idea that the 2019/20 league season would not be restarted, following the French government announcement yesterday that no professional sports, even behind closed doors, could return until August.

Lopez fears that final league placing will be determined merely by taking the current standings as they are.

“In my eyes, stopping the season like this is as unacceptable as voiding the season altogether. We studied this: 71% of teams changed position in the final 10 matchdays across the last 10 years. I can tell you that, on the pitch, we were well on our way to qualifying for the Champions’ League. I am certain of it. The stoppage does not take into account who had played against who, at home and away, and at which point of the season. Us, Lille played twice against PSG, whilst Rennes, who are just 1 point ahead of us in the league, have played them just once. Is that fair? I could see a model for calculation, more scientific, where we would simulate the results of the last 10 matchdays, in relation to the number of points won at home and away already this season, to get a final league table over the 38 matchdays.”

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