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Gérard Lopez confirms imminent sale of Lille to Merlyn Partners

In a press release on Wednesday, Lille President Gérard Lopez confirmed the imminent sale of the club to Merlyn Partners, after he was forced into this position by the club’s major creditors, Elliott Management and JP Morgan.

“I am delighted with Merlyn’s interest in the club and I am going to examine their offer with care and as quickly as possible for the benefit of all stakeholders. I am happy with the work that we have done and that the sporting success that we have brought to Lille has been recognised by foreign investors in these difficult moments for French football. The difficulties linked to COVID-19 and TV broadcasting situation signifies that maybe the time has come for a change in financial model with a new owner.”

“Merlyn are working with a team of experienced operatives in the world of football, including Olivier Létang, with the aim of bringing the club into a stable financial condition to be able to help it combat against the financial impact of COVID-19 and uncertainty around the TV rights contract.”

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